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G23 Gen4 Compact | .40 S&W - Prime And Shoot google-site-verification=TzSiIdSH2zFneePB-_jx9mF7bLjInhHvi1sK1Ys0se4 google-site-verification=TzSiIdSH2zFneePB-_jx9mF7bLjInhHvi1sK1Ys0se4
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G23 Price – G23 Gen4 Compact | Glock 23 Gen 4.
Firstly, Glock pistols are some of the most reliable and accurate handguns on the market. Glock has been making firearms since 1982, and they have been a leading manufacturer in the industry for decades. Glock is an innovative pistol design that makes them stand out among other handgun manufacturers. The Glock 23 gen 4 is one of Glock’s latest models at SHOT Show 2012. This firearm comes from Glock’s line of “Generation 4” pistols, which feature an improved trigger system including a shorter trigger pull weight than previous models.
The G23 gen 4 features three interchangeable backstraps to fit all hand sizes, as well as easy-to-reach slide serrations for better grip when it matters most – during shooting accuracy. Glock 23 gen four pistols can accommodate one or two 17-round magazines. Glock’s innovative pistol designs the perfect fit for any shooter, and our Glock 23 gen four is no exception to this rule.
The Glock company has been a leader in the firearms industry since its inception decades ago. Glock is best for its revolutionary design with Glock’s polymer Glock frames that have no metal parts. Glock handguns are popular with law enforcement and military units, as well as individual civilian shooters around the world.
“The Glock 23 gen four pistols can accommodate one or two 17-round magazines.”
At this point in time Glock has designed and manufactured more than 100 different models of firearms
The Glock 23 Gen 4 For Sale
Glock 23 gen 4 is a semi-automatic pistol by Glock, inc. It’s part of the Glock series. The G23 gen 4 has a polymer frame and comes with two magazines for an increased capacity of 15 rounds each. The Glock23 gen4 has an adjustable rear sight which can be adjusted between 100 and 200 meters, as well as three different sizes for grip thicknesses in order to meet individual needs better.
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glock 23 mag capacity,
glock 23 magazine size,
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G23 Gen4 Compact
G23 Gen4 Compact | .40 S&W
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